Booster session

Being efficient at an exhibitions booth is completely different from the classic sales call or receiving customers in your showroom. Most of the contacts at the exhibition stand are unprepared ; as a consequence, booth staff need to take the initiative.


Expo-id developed the Booster Session format to learn booth staff how to establish contact with trade show visitors, how to start a conversation and how to take the lead when talking to visitors. In less than an hour, they master all the tricks and techniques one needs to perform at the booth:


Enthusiasm: A good contact starts with the right attitude and body language. Participants learn to control their own non-verbal communication and how to interpret the various signals visitors at the booth give them.

 Energy: It takes a lot of stamina to react adequately to all the different impulses. Participants learn how to dose their energy and maintain their focus for an entire day on establishing promising contacts.

 Efficiency: At the booth, every minute counts. In a Booster Session, participants learn how to manage their time efficiently by asking the right questions to visitors. They learn how to be and stay to the point and qualify visitors fast..


Booster Sessions are preferably organized the day before the trade show and typically take 30 to 50 minutes.